Gymnasiums and
Multi-Purpose Rooms

Large multi-purpose rooms like gymnasiums are plagued by excessive reverberation because sound bounces off of the high ceilings, floor and other hard surfaces. Good acoustics in gyms eliminates unwanted echoes and distortions, improving communication and enjoyment during games, classes and assemblies. We offer pinta acoustic's SONEX® Baffles and Panels for solving the acoustical problems associated with gyms and multi-purpose rooms. Made from Class 1-rated willtec® foam, pinta acoustic's proprietary product, SONEX Baffles and Panels are fiber-free and meet ASTM E-84 requirements for flame spread and smoke density, as well as the aggressive new UL 1715 room fire exposure test. A high tolerance for moisture enables willtec foam to resist humidity without swelling or warping, and shrinking from dry conditions.

gymnasium gymnasium gymnasium
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